P o t m e h ú d

Opportunity to work with Lucia Kašiarová and her guest choreographer Czabo Molnár has started our partner's cooperation under the brand n o v a d i v a.

Lucia Kašiarová director of studio ALTA and still active dancer, performer, improviser, winner of the price Dancer of the year 2012. Csaba Molnár Hungarian Slovak acting on the international scene as a choreographer. He is also a founding member of BLOOM!- artistic collective, among other things teaches regularly at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. With these artists we were able to connect the world of dance and clothing. To propose costumes for dance performance Potmehúd. After a short outline of rough idea topic staging similar desire and perception of folklore joined us . Get rid of its museal deposits and relive its essence over again .

We got inspirated by the simple approach of the rural man reflecting in a simple rectangular cuts, so that the individual parts fits together without any cutouts.
The canvas was a very valuable commodity in the past and reflects developed craftmanship of spinning and weaving. In the roots of the folk tradition, we see a strong connection relationship of life, aesthetics and usability.


We also worked with symbolism of the layers and the symbolic act of swapping. layers as a masks that already serve no more and prevents authentic expression. Layer of  folklore, which is symbolized by the distinctive folkloric motive, referring to a kind of topicality separation from the first entity uses costumes clothing. Layer of fast fashion, depicted with logos of international fashion companies symbolizes ballast, consumerism and loss of individuality. Last predominant layer is made of organic linen canvas and the representation of a return to the authentic values ​​of being.

We are pleased, the theme of the performance is intertwined with the story and philosophy of the brand novadiva. The joy of creation full of vital energy enriched by conscious approach that reflects the relationship alive to live.

Photography: Vojtěch Brtnický


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