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Sheep wool is one of the oldest textile materials, especially in cooler climates. Due to low quality and uneven is almost not used for this purpose in the Czech Republic. So that´s the reason we go beyond borders and use the best quality wool.


Shetland sheep wool is very soft and comfortable to wear. Shetland wool has a wonderful variety of patterns and colors, appropriate selection of the color of the web, it can be made a number of naturally colored yarns, thereby eliminating the need for subsequent dyeing. Just for these unique features included Novadiva fine tweeds type (Scottish woolen fabrics), which is suitable for those of you who love the timeless style combined with honest, natural materials.


Merino wool is silky soft wool from mountain sheep living initially in Spain. It has excellent insulating properties and is breathable, providing comfort and softness. Fleece is perfectly adapted to the demanding conditions of cooler and humid environments and meets even the most exacting demands on functionality.

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